JavaScript pop() Method Array.pop() method

This tutorial explains the pop() method, from JavaScript's Array object. The pop() method is used to remove the last element of an array.

Related array methods:
The shift() method removes the first array element.
The push() method adds elements to an array.

Using the pop() Method

var arlene = new Array("alpha", "beta", "gamma");

// Use the pop() method to remove the last element
alert( arlene.pop() +"\n"+ arlene.length );

The script above calls the pop() method on the arlene array, and displays the resulting length (size) of the array on a new line. The value of the last array element is returned on the first line; the second line reads "2", one less than the original array since the last element has been removed. JavaScript pop() method

The pop() method does not accept any argument. Executing the pop() method on an empty array returnes "undefined" (no removable element to return).

Test the pop() Method

Interactively test the pop() method by editing the JavaScript code below and clicking the Test pop() Method button.

Browser support for JavaScript pop() method
Internet Explorer supports the JavaScript pop() methodFirefox supports the JavaScript pop() methodSafari supports the JavaScript pop() methodOpera supports the JavaScript pop() method